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The Facts About Texas Commercial Insurance

Running a business in Arlington, Texas requires insurance coverage that is appropriate for the concerns and plans of the company. Whether you are just getting your company started or you are in a period of growth, working with an independent agency like Roy Bingham Insurance can help you find the plan that is best for your business.

Plans for Company Cars

Auto insurance for businesses is different than personal policies. You have more potential drivers and every individual who may be behind the wheel of the vehicle must be added to the plan. Furthermore, you may need more than the minimum state standards to protect your company from financial losses if an employee causes an accident

CGL in Texas

CGL insurance, or commercial general liability plans, are designed to protect you from financial challenges if an accident occurs. It can protect against product defects that cause injuries, accidents on company property or any other liability concerns that may arise.

Property Insurance

If your business owns property, such as an office building or a plot of land, then you may need to purchase a policy that is specifically designed for commercial properties. Depending on the plan you purchase, you may have coverage against theft, vandalism, common risks like fires and other damages to the property that may occur.

Compensation for Workers

Workers compensation policies are designed with your employees in mind. Accidents on the job can result in high cost medical bills. The workers compensation policy that you purchase will help pay for those bills and other associated expenses if your employees are injured on the job. Depending on how they are injured and the risks that are associated with your business, the amount of coverage that you may need can vary.

BOP Coverage

A business owner package, which is also called a BOP, is a basic plan that offers a solution for property and liability. The amount of protection is limited, so it may not be appropriate if your businesses growing. It is an appropriate option for companies that are just starting out and may not have many assets to protect.

Depending on your company and the plans that you have made, the type of commercial insurance that is appropriate for your needs can vary. An independent agency can help you find the best policy based on your company, the products you provide and your goals.

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